Monday, August 16, 2010

Net Neutrality And Wireless Providers

so recently there has been a heated debate on the wireless provider’s attempts on delaying the net neutrality debate (see )
I was surprised to find out today that Three UK does not let you navigate website on iphone.. although it is a perfectly legal to jailbreak an iphone ( )
My phone in unbranded and unlocked, but if you buy a phone from Three UK, you can’t use it for internet tethering.. by jailbreaking (which is legal) you CAN tether the phone using some apps. so it may prevent many who pay for extra 3G dongles and etc from doing so since they can just use their phones.
the issue is that they are preventing you from accessing a standard website that may have content/programs/capabilities that simply reduces Mr Hutchinson’s profits… this is a good example why Verizon does not want the net neutrality debate to start leaking into their wireless empire too?

Life Metrics !

I recently read this amazing article on HBR on assessing the quality of life, and I was relieved to see that there are still high ranking academics who actually consider things like family, faith and personal time more important than the never ending deadlines, papers, reviews and etc:
In my understanding, life is only measured “externally” by career success.. however ultimately it’s one’s inner comfort and satisfaction that determines the true quality of one’s life… that is perhaps one reason that countries with highest quality of life also have such high suicide rates!
anyway, I certainly recommend reading this article!