Monday, August 16, 2010

Net Neutrality And Wireless Providers

so recently there has been a heated debate on the wireless provider’s attempts on delaying the net neutrality debate (see )
I was surprised to find out today that Three UK does not let you navigate website on iphone.. although it is a perfectly legal to jailbreak an iphone ( )
My phone in unbranded and unlocked, but if you buy a phone from Three UK, you can’t use it for internet tethering.. by jailbreaking (which is legal) you CAN tether the phone using some apps. so it may prevent many who pay for extra 3G dongles and etc from doing so since they can just use their phones.
the issue is that they are preventing you from accessing a standard website that may have content/programs/capabilities that simply reduces Mr Hutchinson’s profits… this is a good example why Verizon does not want the net neutrality debate to start leaking into their wireless empire too?


  1. so after a long conversation with Three, they claim that Apple has explicitly disabled access to such websites in their software!

  2. BTW, Opera works fine.. Three called me claiming that Apple has disabled access in safari update.. Opera works as you have in-app browsing.. anyway still what Apple is doign is worng.. midn you three was happy to call me, but they wouldn't confirm this in writing that it is Apple, and Not them.. who do the redirect.. so I shoudl test this with another simcard

  3. and also, I can access it using WiFi.. so three is involved in the story for sure!